How To Arrange For An Assessment In Area 2N

How To Arrange For An Assessment In Area 2N

    • Arrange the match and request the assessment at least two weeks prior to the match

    • All assessments requests should go to the Area Director of Referee Assessment (ADRA)

    • The ADRA will assign an assessor to your match

    • Assessor assigned for assessment must be approved by ADRA

    • Arrange your referee team

    • Do not schedule activities immediately before and after the match

    • The assessor will contact you with additional information

    • The referee team should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the match

Some Tips On Becoming A Better Referee

    • Assessments are a really good opportunities to learn something new

    • Assessments will provide you with a fresh perspective and take your skills to the next level

    • Assessments will test your knowledge of the “Laws of the Game” and your understanding of the “Spirit of the Game”

    • When receiving feedback from your assessor, that advice might make more sense as you progress to higher level matches

    • Speak to other senior referees about your assessment and get their views on the advice you received from your assessor.